Intellectual property

The lawyers represent the interests of Russian and international companies providing comprehensive protection of intellectual rights.
We provide services for registration, pre-trial and judicial protection of trademark rights. The lawyers of the Firm carry out a comprehensive due diligence of the protectability of intellectual property objects. We engage patent attorneys, draft author’s contracts and agreements for development of intellectual property objects.
The lawyers of this practice have extensive experience in negotiating with foreign copyright holders re drafting of license agreements, as well as developing a strategy for protecting trademark rights when selling goods on marketplaces.

Our services:

  • Legal support of the transfer of rights to trademarks and protection of intellectual property rights, including trademarks, inventions, copyrights, domain names

  • Pre-trial and judicial resolution of disputes re the results of intellectual activity

  • Providing legal support in opposing the production and import of counterfeit products

  • Drafting license agreements

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  • Legal support in the court case of illegal trademark use and distribution of products of an international manufacturer of electrical equipment
    Prevention of illegal use of intellectual property rights. We created an important court precedent when the court recovered the maximum statutory fine (5 mln Rubles) in opposing "gray import"


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